About Us

 Green before green was cool!

A name long associated with landscaping, Pete Wanner holds Bachelor of Science Degree in Ornamental Horticulture from the Delaware Valley College of Science and Agriculture. In 1979, Pete opened Wanner Landscaping, and the Garden Center has been hopping ever since! His customers pledge, “There’s something intoxicating about the contagious energy, the stunning flowers, and the friendly atmosphere of Wanner’s.” Today, the Wanner name is synonymous with gardening expertise and creative landscape design.

As owner of Wanner Gardens and President of Wanner Corporation, Pete is dedicated to keeping that energy going by pursuing the hardiest and freshest stock, and his selections are second to none in beauty. Whether you’re purchasing several accent plants or redesigning an entire garden, Pete can help you create a backyard paradise!

Nestled in Douglasville PA, Wanner Gardens is the premier landscape design and garden center in the tri-county area. Offering a striking array of high-quality flowering plants, shrubs, ground cover, and shade and ornamental trees, Wanner’s distinguishes itself through beautiful plants at affordable prices. Friendly staff are available for in-store garden consultations, gardening supplies are readily available, and landscaping products can be purchased for home use or professional installation.

Since 1979, Wanner’s has been helping its clients achieve gardening success!

Contact Info:
Wanner Garden Center
31 Old Swede Rd.
Douglassville, PA 19518
Phone: (610) 385-4000
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
Saturday, 8am-3pm

Sunday, 10am-2pm